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Grilling Tips and Terms

Are you ready for your next cookout? Check out these tips. From taming flare-ups to marking grilled foods, you might learn something to help improve your grilling skills, And be sure to click on the links for more interesting tidbits. Happy Grilling!

How Tos of Grilling

Choosing the right grill: Ask yourself how often you will use the grill… weekdays, weekends, or special occasions. For frequent use, look for grills with large heavy duty enameled, stainless steel or cast iron cooking surfaces. If you want to utilize both direct and indirect cooking methods, look for grills with at least two burners, preferably three. Find out about the grill’s warranty and what accessories are offered. Check out these grills from Blue Rhino.

Taming a flare-up: The quickest way is to turn all the LP gas burners to OFF and move food to another area of the cooking surface. After the flames subside, relight the grill. DO NOT spray water on flare-ups!

Mark grilled food: Sear food over high heat for 90 seconds and then rotate it clockwise 45 degrees and sear again, which will create a crosshatch design.

Season the grill:Pre-heat the grill to about 300°F and liberally apply vegetable oil with brush or spray bottle. Close the grill and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wipe the cooking surface clean with a warm damp cloth.

Tips for Better Cookouts and Longer Grill Life

  1. For great recipes and tips, visit
  2. For food safety tips visit: USDA Barbecue and Food Safety Guidelines
  3. Use the upper cooking grid (warming rack) for keeping cooked food warm, toasting breads or cooking delicate foods in aluminum foil pouches.
  4. Use the side burner of this appliance like a normal kitchen range for boiling, sautéing or frying.
  5. To keep food from sticking to the grids, spray or coat with cooking oil before lighting.
  6. To reduce flare-ups, keep grill clean, use lean cuts of meat (or trim fat) and avoid cooking on very high temperatures.
  7. Place delicate foods like fish and vegetables in aluminum foil pouches and indirect cook or place on upper cooking levels (warming rack). WARNING: Never cover entire cooking area with aluminum foil.
  8. To avoid losing natural juices, use long-handled tongs or spatulas instead of forks and turn foods over just once during cooking.
  9. When direct cooking, adjust your burners to different levels so foods can be prepared to different internal temperatures in the same time frame.
  10. When indirect cooking roasts and larger cuts of meat, place meat onto a roasting rack inside a heavy gauge metal pan. Place pan over the un-lit burners.
  11. Try water pans to reduce flare-ups and cook juicer meats. Before starting grill, remove cooking grids and place a heavy duty shallow pan directly on heat plates. Fill half way with water, fruit juices or other flavored liquids. Replace cooking grids and position food over the loaded pan.
  12. Enhance food flavors by using wood chips in smoker boxes or aluminum foil pouches. Follow the wood manufacturer's instructions.
  13. Rotisseries, grill baskets, vertical poultry holders and other accessories can enhance your experiences, reduce cooking times and aid in clean-up.
  14. Clean cooking grids and racks after every use with a quality grill brush designed for your grid material.
  15. After every use, allow grill to cool. Then protect clean cooking grids with a light coat of cooking oil, empty grease pan, wipe outside surfaces with a suitable kitchen cleaner and protect surfaces with a quality cover that properly fits your grill.
  16. Watch barbecue themed TV shows or purchase related barbecue cookbooks to learn more interesting tips like –
    A gas grill is ideal for reheating leftover pizza. Set burners on low and place pizza slices directly on preheated cooking grid. Close lid and cook until cheese starts to bubble.

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