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Propane Tanks & Meth
Blue Rhino: On the Alert for Tanks Used in Methamphetamine Production

Recently, stories have appeared in the media and on the internet about the use of propane grill tanks in the production of methamphetamine. Blue Rhino customers, however, don’t have to worry. They can feel confident that when they need gas for their grill or other propane appliance, Blue Rhino is not only a convenient choice but also a safe choice.

At Blue Rhino, we recycle millions of propane tanks each year, striving to ensure that they can be used safely in America’s backyards. Our state of the art production processes includes multiple steps where we inspect, test, and leak check each and every tank we receive.

As a part of this process, our staff of propane professionals is trained on how to identify a propane tank that may have been used in methamphetamine production. Watching for these tanks is an essential part of our standard production process. Propane tanks that have been used in meth production typically have a very strong ammonia odor and an obvious, extensive blue-green color covering the valve. If we do encounter a tank that we suspect has been used in that manner, we immediately contact hazardous materials response units to properly dispose of the tank. We do not resell those tanks.

It is important to note that we encounter a very, very low amount of tanks used in meth production – just a handful out of millions each year. More than likely, anyone engaged in an illegal activity like that will be reluctant to bring their tanks to a retail location.

By far the vast majority of propane tanks do what they are intended to do, which is to provide safe fuel for outdoor fun.

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