Blue Rhino - It's not just propane
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Green Rhino
Maybe We Should Change Our Name to Green Rhino!

Do you have a Blue Rhino in your back yard? If so, you can feel good about that – and not just because our propane helps you cook, or warm up, or eliminate pests. Here’s why.

We Recycle Propane Tanks. Lots of Them.
Propane exchange is earth-friendly - it keeps used propane tanks out of landfills. If a tank is reusable, we clean it, refill it, test it, and package it.
  1. If a tank has outdated components, we retrofit it.
  2. If a tank is unusable, recyclers reclaim the steel.
  3. We even rescue thousands of discarded tanks from landfills each year. For more information on this program for hazardous waste facilities, landfills, and recycling centers, visit our Rhino Recycle page.
Did you know? If you put all the propane tanks that Blue Rhino has recycled end to end, they would stretch around the globe!!

We Use a “Green” Gas.
Propane is a clean burning fuel. The government lists it as an alternative to other fossil fuels.
  1. Propane emits less than half as much carbon dioxide as coal.
  2. Gas grilling cuts carbon dioxide emissions in half compared to grilling with charcoal.
  3. Gas grills emit fewer greenhouse gases than the use of electric or electric grills.*
  4. Propane is nontoxic and not harmful to soil or water.
  5. If you like charcoal, don't lose heart: charcoal does come from a natural renewable source (wood), so it has benefits too.
We Give Back.
Blue Rhino is a sponsor of the American Association of Zookeepers' Bowling for Rhinos, an annual bowl-a-thon that raises money for rhino conservation along with helping to save other forms of wildlife and large areas of land. And we are making a difference for the environment. 

*Electricity has no emissions, but the production and transmitting of electricity creates significant greenhouse gases.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Propane Education & Research Council.